‘Robin Hood had the right idea!’ Corbyn’s surprise Nottingham rally

Jeremy Corbyn compared himself to Robin Hood today at a surprise campaign appearance at Nottingham Castle.

Surrounded by Labour supporters on all sides, the party leader stood amidst a flurry of media, campaigners and his own candidates to premiere a new campaign poster.

Labour campaign pos
The poster shown off today depicts PM Boris Johnson literally ‘in the pocket’ of billionaire donors.

“From Nottingham, we learned the lesson!” cried Corbyn, before pointing at the statue and stating, “He was a friend of the poor, and he wanted a better society! Labour is on the side of the many, not the few!”

After the ten-minute speech, Mr Corbyn then spent fifteen minutes taking photos with supporters and speaking to the local Labour candidates who had joined him, including Nadia Whittome (Nottingham East) and Cheryl Pidgeon (Rushcliffe).

Mr Corbyn smiles as he jostles with the crowd of journalists and supporters.

Corbyn’s Labour currently trails in the polls behind Boris Johnson’s Conservatives, but the party hopes to catch up to them with vigorous campaigning and tactical voting.

“They say there’s not a choice in politics? There is a very clear choice.”

Corbyn Cro
The crowds of media waiting for Corbyn’s rally to begin.

Candidates standing in Nottingham South (rally location)

Labour: Lilian Greenwood

Liberal Democrats: Barry Holliday

Brexit Party: John Lawson

Conservatives: Marc Nykolyszyn

Greens: Cath Sutherland

*This article is not supposed to be submitted as part of election coverage, it is for my Year 3 first term portfolio.