Nadia Whittome has been elected as MP for Nottingham East as Labour hold the seat earning a majority of over 17,000 votes.

Former Labour MP for the constituency, Chris Leslie, who ran for The Independent Group for Change could only earn 1,447 votes despite holding the seat since 2010.

Nottingham East has been a Labour seat since 1987 however they did lose over 2,000 votes compared to the 2017 general election.

The turnout for the constituency dropped from 63.7 per cent to 60.4 per cent with Whitthome, aged just 23 years old, set to be one of the babies of the house after her election as MP.

Chris Leslie, speaking to BBC Local democracy reporter Kit Sandeman, said: “I felt it was important to stand up for mainstream politics. I’m very sad to say we’re going to get five years of Boris Johnson.”

The Conservatives saw little change in the seat, with candidate Victoria Stapleton returning 8,342 votes whilst Robert Swift of the Liberal Democrats earnt 1,954 votes.

The Brexit Party candidate Damian Smith picked up just 1,343 votes with the Green Party candidate Michelle Vacciana propping up the candidates on 1,183 votes.