The election result in Nottinghamshire became an exact replica of the national picture with city constituencies forming an island of red in the middle of a tide of Tory blue.

All three of the city constituencies; East, North and South were retained by Labour in last night’s historic general election whilst elsewhere in the county the Conservatives swept the board, taking many of Labour’s former strongholds.

In constituencies like Bassetlaw, Gedling, Mansfield and Ashfield traditional Labour supporters turned their backs on their political roots to vote for Boris Johnson’s election promise to ‘get Brexit done’, giving the Tories an historic landslide, only rivalled by their 1987 victory.

Labour leader Jermy Corbyn at the Robin Hood statue in Nottingham

Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, vowed to step aside once a new party leader could be found, following the crushing Labour defeat across the country.

The Liberal Democrats’ Jo Swinson immediately resigned following her party’s disastrous polling which also saw her lose her seat.

Lib Dems’ Jo Swinson has now resigned as the party’s leader.