Brendan Clarke-Smith has been elected the new MP for Bassetlaw, as the Conservatives gain a strong majority in the former Labour heartland.

Clarke-Smith won 28,000 votes in the constituency, with Labour, which has held the seat for more than 80 years, almost halving their votes compared to the election in 2017.

Keir Morrison, the Labour candidate, told us NTU Election Special that “Brexit fatigue” was a main issue in the defeat for the party and that the overall election result was disappointing across the nation.

A total of 51,072 ballots were cast in the constituency, with a 63.82% turnout. This sees a reduction in voters, dropping by 3% compared to the 2017 election.

In his speech, Mr Clarke-Smith promised to “get Brexit done” and respect the referendum result for the people of Bassetlaw, as well as stated that investment in public services in the NHS was important.

Debbie Solomon, the Brexit Party candidate, congratulated Mr Clarke-Smith on his victory that she would be holding him to account when the deal on the Brexit vote goes ahead next week.

The Labour Party had held this seat for 84 years, but the result in Bassetlaw tonight mirrors many of Labour’s losses, such as Bolsover which has also been taken by the Conservatives.