On a night of Conservative dominance, Mark Spencer secured his seat for the fourth time in nine years in the constituency of Sherwood.

The count was delayed due to a road traffic accident which caused one ballot box to be trapped in traffic and a long wait for the police to rescue it.

Jerry Hague (Labour), Timothy Ball (Liberal Democrats), Esther Cropper (Greens) and Mark Spencer (Conservatives) were all feeling optimistic on their success, despite the early exit polls suggesting Boris Johnson’s Conservatives would form a majority government, including the seat in Sherwood. Simon Rood of the Independents did not show up.

On being announced as MP, Mr Spencer outlined his plans for the area to deliver Brexit and add longer train routes to the East Midlands Railway, but only after visiting ‘the boss’ in London.

Hague quickly fled the scene after the result, leaving a trail of reporters without a word. Spencer however stayed behind to speak with the press about his success after gaining a larger margin than recent years.

The result was not as close as the 2017 election, as Spencer had almost double the votes compared to Hague.