The Conservative Party held Broxtowe as Darren Henry won with a majority of 5,331 votes over Labour while Anna Soubry had a disappointing night.

With 26,602 votes it is the Conservatives’ highest number of votes in the seat since they gained it from Labour in 2010.

Standing for The Independent Group for Change, Ms Soubry only took 4,668 votes, coming in well behind Labour’s Greg Marshall on 21,271 who lost nearly 4,000 votes compared to the 2017 general election.

The turnout for the constituency was 75.7 per cent which was marginally up from last time when there was a 75 per cent turnout.

Darren Henry, speaking to NTU Election Special after the declaration, said: “I wasn’t expecting it, I thought it’d be very very tight, I didn’t know which way it was going to go but I’m absolutely delighted.

“I do feel a weight on my shoulders to carry out what the people of Broxtowe want me to do, I need to serve them, I will work hard to do that.

“Clearly our message won out on the doorstep that we need to get Brexit done so we can do things like rebuild QMC, revitalise Stapleford town centre and not continue on this narrative about Brexit.

“First of all, I want to listen, so tomorrow I’m going to hold my first surgery.”

The Green Party candidate Kat Boettge came in fourth with 1,806 votes whilst Amy Dalla Mura of the English Democrats and Teck Khong, an Independent, won 432 and 321 votes respectively.