The 2019 exit poll results generated a huge reaction on Twitter, where people did not hesitate to make their voices heard.

The prediction has just been revealed with Boris Johnson on course to win a majority with 368 seats, followed by the Labour Party (191 seats), SNP (55 seats), Lib Dem (13), Plaid Cymru (3), Green (1), Brexit (0) and other parties (19).

Immaculate or not, the figures revealed at 10pm caused both frustration and celebration, disappointment and satisfaction.

Boris Johnson

The result of the exit poll put Johnson in a favourable light, with a prospective 86-seat majority.

The leader of the Conservative party living a The Winner Takes It All moment:


James O’Brien

Disappointment, frustration and regret.

Radio presenter, podcaster and declared of the Labour party James O’Brien, 47, posted a succession of tweets no long after the 2019 exit poll reveal:


Dr Lauren Gavaghan

Activist Gavaghan hopes for the exit poll outcome to be just a misleading prediction.


Richard Corbett MEP

He is a politician serving as Leader of the European Parliamentary Labour Party since 2017. For Corbett, the exit poll results mean bad news for Brexit and the future of British politics.


Dan Walker

BBC personality Dan Walker conserved all his surprise in a monosyllabic tweet:

James Jordan

He comes up with a positive message dedicated to all voters who have been heated up by the exit poll results:

Owen Jones

Brexit irremediably divided this country, Guardian columnist Owen Jones said:

Philip Hunt

Actually, it was Corbyn who divided the country, Philip Hunt replied.


The Conservatives are grateful and thankful after the exit poll reveal.