Mark Spencer (Conservative Party), Jerry Hague (Labour Party), Timothy Ball (Liberal Democrats), Esther Cropper (Green Party) and Simon Rood (Independent) are standing as candidates for the Sherwood Constituency.

Mark Spencer – Conservative Party Candidate


Mark Spencer, Conservative Party Candidate for Sherwood

Mark Spencer is the Conservative’s Party candidate for Sherwood. He is focusing on energy security, agriculture and business. In this Parliament, he has been made Parliamentary Private Secretary to Liz Truss, the Secretary of State for DEFRA. As he comes from a farming background, Mr Spencer also focuses on agriculture and rural communities and he says he is particularly committed to ensuring that British food production is recognised and promoted as world class.


Jerry Hague – Labour Party Candidate

Jerry Hague, Labour Party Candidate for Sherwood

Jerry Hague is the Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Sherwood. As a Labour MP, he says he would like to stand up for the Sherwood community and campaign for the services people depend on – the NHS, schools, policing, social care and bus transport. Mr Hague says he is campaigning for social and affordable housing to meet the needs of people in Sherwood. He promises to fight for Labour’s positive plan for Sherwood and the investment in quality jobs and infrastructure he says the area deserves.


Timothy Ball – Liberal Democrat Candidate

Timothy Ball, Liberal Democrats Candidate for Sherwood

The Liberal Democrats have never gained control of the Sherwood Constituency. He will be fighting hard to ensure that Brexit does not go ahead, despite the public voting to leave the EU in 2016. The Liberal Democrats want to invest the £50 billion Remain bonus in public services and tackling inequality. They also want to combat climate emergency by generating 80% of our electricity from renewables by 2030 and insulating all low-income homes by 2025, as well as building what he says is a fairer economy, and giving every child the best start in life.


Esther Cropper – Green Party Candidate

Esther Cropper, Green Party Candidate for Sherwood

Esther Cropper is standing as the Green Party Parliamentary Candidate in the Sherwood constituency. With several flooding events in the recent past in Newark and Sherwood, she says the effects of climate change are already visible and without immediate action these will increase. She says Green Party policies will ensure everyone has what they need for a good quality of life whilst enabling individuals and organisations and businesses to take measures to tackle the Climate Emergency. Amongst other actions, the Green Party is planning reforms in housing, transport, energy usage, food, farming, forestry and the restoration of nature.

Simon Rood – Independent Candidate

Simon Rood, Independent Candidate for Sherwood

Simon Rood is standing as an independent candidate to support the veterans of the armed forces who he says are being prosecuted and charged for alleged crimes in Northern Ireland. He is a veteran and says he will fight for the fellow veterans.