From Left to Right: Chris Leslie, The Independent Group for Change, Damian Smith, Brexit Party, Nadia Whittome, Labour, Robert Swift, Liberal Democrat, Victoria Stapleton, Conservative, Michelle Vacciana, Green Party

Nottingham East constituency is traditionally a safe labour seat, with more than 7 votes in 10 going to labour at the previous election.

It is one of the most diverse constituencies in Nottinghamshire, covering higher and lower income areas.

With two University Campuses within the constituency, Nottingham Trent and University of Nottingham, the student population will likely have an impact on the vote.

The seat has made national headlines, as MP Chris Leslie left Labour in a bid to begin what is now called the Independent Group for Change, with fellow MP Anna Soubry, from Broxtowe.

Now, Labour are preparing to mount their effort to take the seat back, having won it at every election since 1992.

At the last election, Chris Leslie won a majority for Labour of 19,590.

If Labour do win, they will likely have one of the youngest MPs in the house – their candidate Nadia Whttome is just 23.

Nadia Whittome for the Labour Party:

At only 23 years old Nadia Whittome is the new representative for the Labour Party, replacing Chris Leslie. Nadia is the daughter of working – class immigrants and grew up in the Meadows. If elected Nadia has expressed her wants to build green and well insulated houses to end rough sleeping and to put proper investment into youth services to try and solve knife crime.

Victoria Stapleton for the Conservative Party:

As a former small business owner and MP caseworker Victoria Stapleton has had some experience in the world of politics. Victoria Stapleton has replaced former Conservative representative Simon Murray who placed second in the 2017 General Election for Nottingham East. If elected Victoria Stapleton will want to carry out the Conservative Manifesto and do her constituency proud.

Robert Swift for the Liberal Democrats Party:

Born in Sherwood and educated in Nottingham Robert Swift has campaigned passionately for the Liberal Democrats since his teenage years. If elected Robert has expressed his wants to have safer streets with secure and affordable homes and will work with other Liberal Democrats to put an end to Brexit and take immediate action on the climate emergency.

Chris Leslie for The Independent Party:         

Former representative for the Labour Party and MP for Nottingham East since 2010 Chris Leslie resigned and moved to become a representative for the Independent Party. Chris Leslie comes from a political background, he has been MP for Shipley from 1997-2005, Minister in Department for Constitutional Affairs from 2001-2005, a Shadow Chancellor and Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury and from 2005-2010 Chris Leslie campaigned for

Michelle Vacciana for the Green Party:

Michelle Vacciana doesn’t come from a political background and is running for the first time for the Green party. For the past 15 years Michelle Vacciana has worked in local secondary education offering learning support. Michelle Vacciana felt lost in the noise of politics and she hopes to make Nottingham East a greener place and feels strongly about building a relationship with those in her constituency.

Damian Smith for the Brexit Party:

Recent university graduate Damian Smith who was in the Politics Society during his studies is standing for the Brexit Party. The Brexit Party was launched in April 2019 and Damian Smith, much like other members of the Brexit Party, want to ensure that the United Kingdom leaves the EU and to take more control of the country’s laws, borders and money.

In the 2016 EU Referendum Nottingham East overall voted to remain however the vote was tightly split with 42.88% voting leave and 57.12% voting to remain.

This has increased speculation as  to whether the public are then going to vote based on their opinions about Brexit and with the conclusive result being remain, does this mean that the Liberal Democrats, the only party who as a whole want to remain in the EU, have a strong chance.