From the left: Sonya Ward, Sarah Brown, Ben Bradley, Stephen Harvey and Sid Pepper

Here is a brief introduction to all the candidates standing for the Mansfield seat:

Ben Bradley

Ben Bradley was the first Conservative candidate to win a seat in Mansfield and will be running again this election.

He said: “I’ve been a Member of Parliament for the last two years and I’m the Conservative candidate in the election. I became a politician by accident, I fell out with the local council about my bins and got very grumpy and campaigned to try and get them to improve bin collections. I ended up being a councillor… priorities wise I have tried to focus on town centre regeneration and improving the area and our schools and education system…from a political point of view the mantra is get Brexit done and get it delivered.”

Sonya Ward

Sonya Ward is a Mansfield District Councillor representing Bull Farm and Pleasley. She is representing Labour in the upcoming election. Her main policy is to return investment back into Mansfield to increase industry profits and reduce unemployment.

She said: “My name is Sonya Ward, I am from Mansfield. I have worked as a youth worker and that job has taken me to a lot of different settings including working in hospitals and schools. I am really committed to our public services and I am really frustrated to see how they have declined, and I recognise that places like Mansfield need investment and that’s why I am standing.”

Sid Pepper

Sid Pepper is a former UKIP candidate standing as an Independent on a pro Brexit platform.

He said: “If you’re looking for real local you need to speak to me, I’m the oldest one here and this will be my 3rd election. I’ve been brought out of the wardrobe because the Tories have not delivered on promises they made to a leave town. I’m very much for Brexit and I need to see the journey through. I’m a businessman, I’ve been in business for 53 years and I know I don’t look it but I started at 16…I’ve employed hundred of people so I know the town and the people.”

Stephen Harvey

Stephen Harvey was formerly a Conservative candidate but now stands independent on a pro-Brexit manifesto. As MP Harvey will focus on improving the NHS, crime, the environment and education and not just Brexit.

Harvey said: “I’m an Independent so basically I’m not standing for any party in Mansfield. I’m a resident in Mansfield and raise my family in the area, I was a coal miner and went from being a coal miner to a Counsellor. I then went from being a bin man on the Council to being the Chairman on the Council and I’ve worked and spent the majority of my life in the area raising my family.”

Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown is representing the Liberal Democrat and has an anti-Brexit manifesto.As MP Brown will campaign to remain in the European Union and revoke Article 50.

She said: “I am very much there to campaign for remain if the Lib-dems get to power we will stop Brexit at any means that we can, we will either revoke Article 50 if we end up in a majority government or we will be campaigning for a peoples vote because however people voted in 2016, Brexit has morphed from whatever you thought it was going to be in 2016 and it is now more clear what Brexit will be and so its only right we go back to the people and ask them what they think.