Beeston's Bee Man statue.

One of the tightest races in the county, the borough of Broxtowe has become a key national target for both major parties.

Incumbent MP Anna Soubry is one the country’s most high-profile Remain supporters, making headlines earlier this year after leaving the Tories for the new Independent Group for Change.

But in a constituency that where most people voted Leave and her majority is slim, both the Conservatives and Labour are keen to snatch the position from under her.

Labour candidate Greg Marshall already shrunk Soubry’s majority to just 863 votes in the last election, and he’s running again, with support from left-wing journalist Owen Jones.

As for the Conservatives, they’ve chosen former RAF squadron leader Darren Henry as the man to reclaim the seat they held from 2010 until recently.

Broxtowe’s Voting: 2017 Election

Credit: Broxtowe Borough Council

The Lib Dems and Brexit Party stood down their candidates due to their country-wide pacts, but that hasn’t stopped other candidates.

Star of Channel 4’s Brexit Wife Swap Kat Boettge is standing for the Greens, whilst local GP Teck Khong is running as an independent under a Brexit platform.

Perhaps the most controversial candidate is English Democrat contender Amy Dalla Mura, who made national headlines when she was found guilty of harassing Anna Soubry and then barred from campaigning in Broxtowe.

Last but certainly not least is David Bishop, leader of the Militant Elvis Anti-HS2 Party, who’s position on Brexit is to “pretend to leave, but actually stay”.